Our story



Accessories for turning your home into a place of calm for a healthy mind & body.

A relaxing and artistic online environment for discovering a new artisan or designer, whilst being able to see a curated range of products from brands you already know without feeling overwhelmed at the thousands of similar products to choose from as we have already gone through the trouble of selecting the favourites to give you a pleasant online shopping experience.

Very Scandinavian influenced, with bursts of Wanderlust hints from around the world.




The name bo i ro means "live in calm" in Danish.

The Danish pronounciation is a little difficult for non-Danes. So we will provide some tutorials of how to say it right, although the pronounciation does not matter so much, it can be fun to learn.


bo i ro is owned by Maya George who is Danish and currently living by Amager beach in Copenhagen. She also lived in Tanzania as a child, spent most of her life in the UK, roots in India through her mum, and a mixed extended family with ties to further African countries. Along with her love for travelling, she is very inspired by other cultures, and particularly loves Scandinavian design.

She has previously always worked on the other side of retail; supplying shops with own label and branded fashion, home decor and furniture. So she hopes by using this knowledge (and learning some new skills) along with her influences and background she can make bo i ro a success.


Maya came up with the idea for bo i ro at the end of 2020 when she, as the rest of the world, stayed at home a lot. Surrounded by all her comforts she kept around her, making time for health and fitness, and sometimes escaping to an exotic beach in her mind. She could turn off all the anxiety, stress, and uncertainty of the outside world and focus on her well-being and happiness.

She had always had a dream of owning a physical lifestyle store filled with lovely little things, a place where you could discover a new designer in a relaxing and artistic space. So she is hoping she can re-create this environment online, and combine it with a focused range of products for turning your home into a place of calm for a healthy mind and body.