Sustainability is very important to us, and we try our best to ensure the brands we work with use eco-friendly materials, socially and environmentally responsible production, and timeless design.


Our aim is to use environmentally friendly packaging to deliver your orders, by using components with the most minimal or no impact on the environment.

The postage bags we use are made from recycled LDPE plastic which is converted to carbon dioxide and water when the bag is disposed of at the incinerator. The bags contain no harmful substances.

Our boxes are FSC certified and recyclable, and we use paper bubble wrap made of chemical free recycled cardboard.

To protect delicate items, we use corn-based foam that dissolves when water is poured onto them or can be thrown in your normal paper recycling or as compostable food waste.

The plastic tape we use is a high-quality PPS which is better for the environment than standard PVC tape as burning it does not release toxic fumes.

Even the address sleeve attached to each package is made of 80% recycled plastic.

As we grow, we will strive to improve this even further by sourcing even better packing materials and solutions.


Eco-Friendly Materials

Wherever possible the brands we stock use eco-friendly and natural materials from Organic Cotton to non-toxic solvent-free materials, soy or coconut wax, botanical oils instead of perfume, materials vastly available in nature such as seagrass, wood from responsibly managed forests.


Many of our brands and suppliers have certifications of GOTS, OCS, and FSC. We explain what all these certifications mean below.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is globally recognised as the leading standard for organic textile production, securing a safe, humane, and toxic free working environment. Products which are GOTS certified comply with the strictest environmental and social requirements throughout the entire manufacturing process.

OCS (Organic Cotton Standard) is your guarantee that the product is made from certified organic cotton.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) products are made from certified, responsibly managed forests where no more trees are harvested than the forests can regenerate naturally, where animals and plant life are protected, and complies with strict social requirements.


Along with timeless classic designs and high-quality products made to last, many of the brands we stock also have items that are designed to have more than one use and thus are reusable.